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We take pride in training our Carers

We believe training is mandatory and we take it very seriously making sure all our staff are fully trained.

Our Courses

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Basic Life Support Practical

Basic Life Support Introduction, Optional basic Life support practical or video link evaluation, Fears of First Aid, Asking Permission to Help, Scene Safety, Chain of Survival, DRAB and the ABCD’s, Initial Assessment, Stop Think Act, Differences in Child Size, Barriers, Face Shields, Hand washing and hand gels, Adult Bag Valve Mask, Cardiac Arrest, Heart Attack, Heart Attack Position, Aspirin and the Aspod, Adult CPR, Adult, Child, Infant CPR, Adult CPR Hand Over, Compression-Only CPR, AED Introduction , Child CPR Breakdown, Infant CPR, Drowning, Choking, Adult Choking, Child Choking, Infant Choking.

More Training Courses


Role of the Domiciliary Care Worker in Maintaining a Culture which Safeguards the Individual, Legislation and Policy, Concept and Definition of Abuse Signs and Symptoms of Abusive Behaviour Responding to Abuse.

Fire Safety

Fire Triangle, Heat Sources, Prevention, Smoking, Kitchens, Safety Awareness, Fire Extinguishers, Emergency Situations.

Health and Safety

The Law, Risk Assessment and the Care Plan, Slips, Trips and Falls, Moving and Handling, COSHH, Infection Control, Equipment and Electrical Safety, Fire Safety, Injury and Disease, Personal Safety

Basic Life Support

Assess the Situation, Assess the Casualty, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Recovery Position, Calling the Ambulance, Heart Attack, Stroke, Severe External Bleeding, Shock, Choking, Broken and Fractured Bones, Back Injury, Burns, Diabetes, Eye Injury, Allergic Reactions, Swallowed Poisons, The First Aid Box, Records.

Moving and Handling

The Importance of Back Care, What the Law Says about Moving and Handling, The Causes of Back Pain, Efficient Moving Principles, Lying to Sitting, Sitting to Standing to Seated, Moving and Handling Equipment, Dealing with a Fall and Dangerous Techniques

Mental Capacity

How the Mental Capacity Act Affects our Day-today Work, The 5 Metal Capacity Act Principles , Principle 1 – Presuming Capacity, Principle 2 – Supporting People to Make their Own Choices, Principle 3 -An Unwise Decision is Still A Decision, Principle 4 – How do we Act in Someone’s Best Interest, Principle 5 – Choosing the Least Restrictive Option, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards—DOLS, Making Capacity Assessments, Putting it All Together, The Broader Legal Context and Conclusion


Legislation, Policies and Procedures, Classification of Medication, Types of Medication, Working with other Professionals, Maintaining Medication Records, Collection, Storage & Disposal , Principles of Safe Medication Handling, Supporting Self Administration, Administering  Medication, Reporting Mistakes, Recognising & Reporting Changes to the individual.